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Concept Art'In Lima 2020 - Paths of Spirituality: Culture, History and Heritage

From the dawn Man has made his path preserving his beliefs, memories and feelings through art. Walking was always associated to discovery, to the search of the meaning each person carries inside. From remote times, this “person” took, in pilgrim’s body, a variety of routes.

For contemporary Man the Way reflects in the same manner his spirituality, the search for his inner self, the reason of his own and others existence. The human being is a pilgrim in the world, someone who penetrates religion, culture and art, thus discovering the nature, the landscape, the peoples’ traditions, the architecture, the arts and crafts that abound in a infinity of roads.

The Way is not only peace and tranquility, but also challenge and fight, in body and soul. It is mystery, doubt and need to make choices. It is also bifurcation, a desire for the unknown and the astonishing. In the quest of the world’s most extreme to explore, the resilient pilgrim finds joy in the fullness of art, in colours, compositions and lanscapes. The Way ends with an encounter and with the certainty that it won’t be the last.

People’s culture and history, reflected in the traditions and heritage that grew roots in the floor of the centuries, enrich the pilgrim soul, his individual and collective experience. The end of the Way is only just another beginning. More important than arriving is following the Way, more important than the finish line is the path.

Concept Art'In Lima 2020 - Paths of Spirituality: Culture, History and Heritage
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