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How our website uses cookies

The website Art’in Lima collects, through cookies, as much information as possible from its candidates in order to provide better navigation.

Cookies are small information files that are placed in your electronic equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and can take on various functions, and you can save your preferences for certain types of information or save information about your visit to this Web site.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are files that contain small portions of information that is downloaded into the browser used in accessing any website you visit.

Their main objective is to recognize the user in their visits to the website and its configuration parameters and the consequent establishment of safe and private sessions, as well as the proper prevention of any attempt of unauthorized access and adequate protection of data in the terms legally required .

The use of cookies on the internet is usual and does not harm the computers and other equipment of web access of users.

2. What are the functions of cookies?

Cookies perform a variety of functions, such as helping the content management and updating of websites to understand in greater depth the way it is used, facilitating browsing, preserving your preferences and, in general, improving your experience. To ensure that websites present you with relevant content. They are thus instruments of continuous improvement of the use experience.

3. Why use cookies?

Various services and features on the Art’in Lima website require active "cookies enable" options in the browsers of their users' computers and equipment.

These options, in addition to allowing the establishment of secure sessions, also guarantee the complementary mechanisms necessary for the protection of user data, namely in the registration of artists and works candidature.

These services use the use of cookies in order to ensure the registration and authentication of user data, their configuration parameters and finally to ensure proper prevention against any unauthorized access. In this sense, the activation of the option "cookies enable" in the browser, is a requirement for the operation and adequate security and protection of user data.

4. What types of cookies do we use?

The Art’in Lima website uses the information provided by cookies for the following purposes:

  • - Allow the registration of user data, its configuration parameters and ensure proper prevention of any attempt of unauthorized access;

  • - Ensure the privacy of any private area;

  • - Collect information about which pages are most relevant to users and their volumes of access and visits.

5. What types of cookies are there?

There are several types of cookies with different ways of acting and purposes in your internet browsing. In order to have the complete clarification, we present the existing categories and that you can check in your browser:

- Cookies strictly required:
They are essential cookies because they guarantee the navigation in the site and the use of the respective functionalities, such as accessing safe areas of websites or e-commerce functionalities. They do not collect user information that may be used for marketing purposes or identify user visits to websites. In the case of cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the service expressly requested by the user, this category of cookies can not be deactivated or declined.

- Performance Cookies:
These cookies collect information about the overall use of websites, for example, which pages have the highest volume of visits or receive error messages.
They do not collect user identification information. All the information collected is totally anonymous and serves only the function of optimizing navigation in the sites. They do not aim at the availability of targeted marketing campaigns, but only for the development of website improvements and performance.

- Functional Cookies:
These cookies allow websites to recall information about the choices made by the user, such as username, language, region, and personalization of the browsing experience of websites.
They are also used to remember the changes made in the configuration of websites, namely the type and size of the letter, colors, and information on the pages. They may also serve to provide a given function, for example, display of a video. This concept does not include cookies that target targeted marketing campaigns. The information collected is anonymous and does not allow tracking of users' travel on other websites.

- Targeting Cookies:
These cookies collect information about the habits of use of a browser by the user, registering uses of the websites.
They are used to support more targeted marketing and communication actions, not collecting information from the user's personal identification. Rather they allow the distinction and identification of individual usage preferences or store a code that allows translating a set of habits or usage preferences.

6. How to manage cookies?

By continuing to navigate the Art’in Lima website, and unless you have disabled cookies, you agree to its use in the device and browser used in accordance with this Cookies Policy.

By opting out, all or some of the available features may be inhibited, penalizing your browsing experience.

You can control the way cookies are stored in your browser or remove them from the configuration options at any time. As noted, you should note that changing these settings may impact the proper and full use of our website.

Art’in Lima uses cookies to improve your browsing and some of our internet services require the "enable cookies" option in the browsers used, since they allow the establishment of secure sessions and ensure the protection of the data.

What happens if I turn off cookies in my browser?
Most recent browsers have the option of accepting or declining cookie recording. This is a global setting applied to all websites you access. If you disable the option to save cookies in your browser, you will no longer accept cookies from the websites you visit.

How do I disable / enable cookies?
If you want to change the setting or disable cookies in your browser, you can select the following options.
We remind you that disabling cookies determines that all or some of the available features may be inhibited, penalizing your browsing experience.

Browser Types:

Internet Explorer v6.x or superior
  • - Select "Tools" from the main bar at the top of the screen;
  • - Select "Options";
  • - Select "Privacy" and "Advanced Options" in the "Settings" window;
  • - Select "Change" cookie options;
  • - Disable / Enable cookies by selecting "Reject" or "Accept", respectively;
  • - Disable / Enable "third-party cookies" by selecting "Reject" or "Accept", respectively;
  • - Disable / Enable "Always accept session cookies";
  • - Select "OK".

Firefox v.9 or superior
  • - Select "Tools" from the main bar at the top of the screen;
  • - Select "Options";
  • - Select "Privacity" at the top of the window;
  • - Select "History", in the "Firefox will:";
  • - Select "Remember history" or "never remember history";
  • - You can customize the settings by keeping the history ("Remember browsing history and downloads") and enable / disable the cookies option ("Accept cookies from sites");
  • - Select "OK".

Google Chrome v.24 or superior
  • - Select "Customize and control Google Chrome";
  • - Select "Settings";
  • - Select "Advanced settings";
  • - Select "Privacity" at the top of the window;
  • - In the 'Privacy' area, select 'Content Settings' option;
  • - Select "Block data definition by sites" or "Allow local data definition";
  • - Disable / Enable "Block cookies and data from third-party sites";
  • - Select "OK".

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