Art’in Lima is one more project from the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, in the sequence of others that have opened the doors of this village to the contemporary art from all over the world.

It arises precisely in the continuity of the cultural policy followed by us and we intend to sediment it for the future, putting in dialogue the artistic avant-guard with a series of monuments and cultural premises located in the historical center of the town. To this treasure, that the past has left us and it is our duty to preserve and value, we add through the work, effort and dedication of so many, multiple iniciatives of cultural dissemination, of very varied character.

We hope this challenge to be enthusiastically accepted by the artists, both for those more established and for those who are now beggining to explore the complex paths of art, seeking ways to promote their artworks and impose themselves on the current artistic scene.

We are aware that a positive answer to this invitation will bring benefits to the artists and their works, to Ponte de Lima and its visitors.

Vasco Ferraz
Mayor of the Town Hall
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