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The International Contemporary Art Exhibition Art'In Lima launches the fourth edition under the theme The Eternal Feminine.

Between the Sacred and the Profane, Woman is never complete. She is the Goddess and the Warrior, the Matriarch and the Femme Fatale, the Macarena and the Virgin Mary, the martyr and the sanguinary, the muse and the sentence.
“It is always difficult to describe a myth; it does not let itself be caught or surrounded, it dwells in the consciences without ever standing before them as a motionless object. It is sometimes so fluid, so contradictory, that at first its unity is not understood: Delilah and Judith, Aspasia and Lucrezia, Pandora and Athena, the woman is, at the same time, Eve and the Virgin Mary. She is the idol, the slave, the source of life, a force of darkness; she is the elementary silence of truth, she is artifice, chatter and lies; she is the one who heals and the one that adorns; she is the prey of man and his loss, she is all he wants to have, his denial and his reason for being.” – Simone de Beauvoir
The first adored goddesses were women. With fed breasts and generous hips, they represented female sexuality, fertility, the warrior, the mother of heaven and the sun, of arts and harvests, the one who gives life and embraces in death, the mother goddess.
Civilizations evolved by the hand and will of man, always placing the woman in the place of the Other. Never the human being, but the woman, the being of the female sex, susceptible to moods, unable to formulate opinion.
Prevented from playing an active role in society, deluded by the promise of devotion, protection, and love, she was subjugated. Since the beginning of times, man has dictated the rules of Society, Politics and Economy. The brute force needed for the evolution and survival of the species was the starting point for the woman's enclosure. Inferiorized by her lack of physical robustness and by her fecundity, she began to be pushed to the condition of wife, mother and caregiver.
The times went by and several were the women who rose up and fought for their freedom and were made eternal in the pages of history. Today’s Woman owes to them the freedom of thought, the freedom of choice, the freedom to love, the freedom to be.
But what does define the Eternal Feminine? A being that reveals itself in essence, in grace, in beauty, as complex as timeless. Never just a woman. The woman, embodiment of man's desire, is sculpted by the society where she is born, grows and dies. Never just a woman.
The myth prevails.

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