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Concept Art'In Lima - Under the Sign of Bacchus

Under the Sign of Bacchus appeals directly to all kind of objects and representations that can be literally and metaphorically associated to a universe of so vast horizons as the one formed by the Wine.

A distinctive element of so many cultures and civilizations, responsible for shaping landscapes, a way of life for so may people throughout the history, celebrated in literature, the Wine and the human activities related to it were always, while objects of representation, a true challenge to artists from all times, as we can prove and admire still today in so many works of art, in painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics… As J. Duarte Amaral points out in his Great Book of Wine, “the vineyard, the grapes and the wine are privileged objects of art which inspired painters, poets, sculptors and composers in multiple creations. Numerous and famous artistic manifestations have found varied inspirations, some of genious, in the vineyards, grapes and wine, in their gods and in their cults.”

In present times, in which the artistic production has extended more than ever to so many new domains and expression technics, we believe today’s artists continue to feel the admiration felt in times past for this subject that is so rooted in territories like ours but also summons the experience and memories of those who live in different latitudes.

It is our deep belief that nowadays’ artists know how to bear witness of this reality. Being so, we challenge them in this year of Art’in Lima-Under the Sign of Bacchus so that they can turn the contemporary art into a mirror, even sometimes fragmented, of the present…

Concept Art'In Lima - Under the Sign of Bacchus
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