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Center For The Interpretation Of The Territory

The Center for the Interpretation of the Territory is a museological space that does not confine to the building, on the contrary it invites to visit the territory, to try the daily life of the local population, in their most pure ruralism. It is the entrance door to know ancestral agricultural practices, singular traditions and unique testimonies.

Themes such as cultivating the land, making bread, planting the vine and producing wine, raising the cattle or flax working were collected for more than one year in the Lima territory.

Installed in the old agriculture outbuildings of the House of Arnado, and resulting from the restructuring of the rural museum, this Center gives an answer to the inventorying of the rich immaterial heritage in the municipality.

Center For The Interpretation Of The Territory


Parque do Arnado - 4990-154 Arcozelo | Tuesday to Sunday: 10h-12h30 and 14h-18h | 41° 46' 13,08" N - 8° 35' 21,119" W


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